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Before, during and after tunnelling.

We support you to the final completion of your project.

We provide experts with proven references for tunnelling projects. They can cover all requirements for mechanized tunnelling work, for all types of machine, back-up logistics and maintenance. We also provide specialists for NATM and deep drilling. It goes without saying that we take into account cultural and language issues when putting a team together and selecting its members. That means our experts can quickly become integrated in an existing team and respond specifically to your capacity needs.

You can rely on support from our personnel, even after the tunnel boring machine has achieved breakthrough. We provide experts for dismantling machines or refitting them if they are to be put to use elsewhere.

We could also offer all aspects of hyperbaric services such as hyperbaric supervisors, lock attendants to operate air locks according to the strict British Diving Standard ( HSE ), diver medical technicians ( DMT's ) and divers. Our divers of various nationalities carry out cutter head inspections including cutter changes, certified welding and various hydraulic services. We rent out airlocks, portable airlocks and medical airlocks.

Our data pool covers the following:

| project managers | TBM engineers | TBM foreman | TBM mechanical supervisors | TBM PLC electricians | TBM operators | TBM electricians | TBM ring builders | TBM erector operators | TBM grouters | TBM fitters | TBM loco operators | NATM personnel | TBM nozzlemen L2 | separation plant operators |

| hyperbaric supervisors | air lock attendants | diver medical technicians ( DMT’s ) | divers |

We are always pleased to provide you with an individual solution to cover your personnel needs.
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A short diary of a TBM operator in action in Moscow, Russia.

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