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Global Tunnelling Experts sets the standard for reliability, competence and flexibility. We have a round-the-clock hotline, so that you can reach us at any time, from anywhere around the globe. We take care of all matters connected to specialist personnel recruitment services. Our consultants are available to discuss all general requirements connected to your individual needs for personnel and flexibility. We then take care of all legal formalities and administrative requirements connected to the placement of our global experts. This includes all matters that require professional attention: an excellent visa application service, rapid transfer of personnel to their place of work, procurement of work permits, and organization of accommodation for our experts, as well as social security issues. This means you can rely on benefiting from our infrastructure and our worldwide network of experts.

We are never satisfied until you are. Without exception, our experts are all qualified specialists in their field. This means you can cover personnel shortages as and when they occur. Even professional supervision coverage is possible. For example GTE can provide experienced machine operators to train construction site crews and supervise your own tunnelling machine drivers. Experience has shown that an entire team can be trained to carry out independent and efficient tunnelling work within just a few weeks.

Advantages for our customers:

| no costs for seeking | selecting and employing personnel | only actual working hours are invoiced | core crews can be relieved or complemented as required | flexible use of personnel means new projects and innovative concepts are possible | rapid adaptation to changing personnel needs |

We are always pleased to provide you with an individual solution to cover your personnel needs.
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Global Tunnelling Experts

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Global Tunnelling Experts UK

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Global Tunnelling Experts Danmark ApS

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